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A. Simple present = base form: I work. OR base form + -s: He works. She works. It works. OR base form + -es : I watch / she watches; I study / he studies1. A general truth. The sky is blue.2. A typical activity. I always brush after I eat. Bob watches TV every night. Sara works 5 days a week.3. A statement of something existing at the time of speaking. I hear the train coming. I smell smoke.4. A scheduled event or activity. My plane leaves at 8:30 tomorrow.B. Simple past = base form + -ed for regular verbs : I worked yesterday. The simple past for irregular verbs varies : He ate lunch at noon. (irregular verb)1. An activity begun and completed at a particular time in the past. I went to work yesterday morning.2. Commonly used with “after” and “before” clauses. After Bob ate dinner, he drove to CEC. The students arrived in class before the teacher.3. “Used to” = past habit…