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How to Make Stir-Fry Green Beans
By Muzikpeach, eHow Member

Make Stir-Fry Green Beans
User-Submitted Article
I grow my own garden and nothing tastes as 'sweet' and stir-fry green beans that you have grown and harvested yourself.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:
Fresh Green Beans ½ pound (cut off ends and leave whole)
Two Cloves of Garlic
Two tablespoons Olive Oil
(for more flavor chop up one strip of bacon)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Wok or Iron Skillet

Wash, dry and prepare green beans.

Turn up the heat on the wok. Add the Olive Oil, if you are using a strip of bacon, reduce the oil by ½ tablespoon and add the chopped bacon. Coat the pan with the hot oil.
Drop in the Garlic and swirl around the pan until it becomes aromatic.

When the oil is hot, add the Green Beans and stir coating all with the oil. They will turn bright green. Keep stirring until they are cooked to your liking. I like mine still kind of crisp, but if you like them more well done, you can quickly add ¼ c…